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Manufacturing Intelligence Software

Manufacturing Intelligence Software

Touch Systems Ltd is a leading supplier of manufacturing intelligence software to progressive companies striving for perfection in production.

Since 1989 Touch Systems has provided quality inspection software and monitoring solutions to make any assembly line manufacturing process leaner and more efficient.

Flags is a flexible software solution that can be tailored to your needs to deliver significant returns on investment. Our mission is to provide you with a solution that delivers on cost saving, improvements in efficiency and quality. Our experienced engineers will work closely with you to provide the solution you seek.

Entirely Tailored For You

Improved Quality Output

Reduced Recalls, Rework and Warranty Costs

Boost Bottom Line Profits

Guaranteed Return On Investment

Here are a few of our Clients…

We have worked tirelessly with our clients to develop Flags over the past twenty six years. We talk with them daily to continually help and enhance their production processes. We’re happy to embrace new technologies, while addressing their needs.

Flags is a solution that is used worldwide, it has a proven track record and it supports our clients around the clock. They rely on Flags to deliver quality!

Flags has Optimised Production Quality at Aston Martin since 2008

Aston Martin have kindly allowed us to show you a short video of a V8 Vantage being assembled and rolling off their assembly line in perfect condition thanks to Flags Manufacturing Intelligence Software.

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What does Flags do?

Flags is a solution designed to implement quality standards and control the quality of manufactured products.
Read More…

Will it integrate with my systems?

The integration couldn’t be easier! Flags is based on Microsoft technology, our experienced development team who work with a wide range of technologies will ensure that flags integrates smoothly into your business. Read More…

Is it right for my industry?

Flags is a flexible solution that can be configured to work across a wide range of industries including Automotive, Heavy Plant, Marine, Rail, Aircraft, Moulded parts and Precision castings. Read More…